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Today, small businesses have become just as dependent on IT systems as their large organisation counterparts. However, poor maintenance of your IT infrastructure, user error and frequently changing security risks puts your network and data under constant threat and these advanced technologies become more detrimental to productivity than beneficial.
Many SMEs remain exposed to these dangers by creating an unmanageable workload for their small IT team – if they have one at all. While there are many reasons for this, cost is always a key factor. Now, there’s an affordable solution.
Oakland has a proven track record on advising and implementing IT strategies and systems that enable small and medium-sized businesses to grow. We cover everything from simple assistance to a fully managed services including on-site IT support and communications.
Our flexible range of IT support and ancillary services suits the budgets and needs of even the most demanding of small businesses. Here business generally rely on their preferred IT company to assist with business IT decisions and often can have a big impact on the success of the business.
Choosing the right support company and correct level of services for your business, will pay dividends.

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